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Arts Program


Art Program

The Visual Arts program at New Horizons Academy believes in and builds on the personal and educational needs of every student. Creativity in all its forms is not only a leisure activity but a means of individuation for students and a way to develop unique skills they can continue to apply throughout their lives.

Here at New Horizons, we support traditional mediums such as illustration, painting, and sculpture, as well as digital media, with an emphasis on photo editing and graphic design.

Students are encouraged to find their creative passions and embrace the unique perspectives they have on our world. Every student at New Horizons has valuable insights we can all benefit from seeing.

Our mission is to facilitate our students by looking inward and sharing what they learn.

Design Program

Students develop basic and advanced techniques in graphic design, utilizing software, recognizing elements of design, and building a digital portfolio that will serve them moving forward with graphic design.

Graphic design students develop advertising for the school and format the student yearbook.

Living Skills Lab

Students work on daily life skills including Home Economics, Home and Life Organization as well as necessary day to day life functions.

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