New Horizons Academy Procedures to Lower the Risk of COVID-19 Contamination

When it comes to COVID-19, knowledge is power! New Horizons is excited to share we are a trained site for Abbot BiNaxNOW Testing. New Horizons staff and students can get tested on campus, with results delivered in 15 minutes or less! Aside from testing, New Horizons Academy’s mitigation procedures include:
          1. Parents/students will be given the option of wearing face shields or masks. Masks/shields can be taken off with clean/sanitized hands once students are in the classroom.
            Students with special cases may go without wearing a mask, but special protocols will be in place on a case-by-case basis.
          2. All sick students and employees should stay home.
          3. Temperatures will be taken by staff personnel: Marci Altman and Barbara Bidell, when students arrive at school.
          4. Students with elevated temperatures should stay home or will be sent home.
          5. Students will go directly to their first period classes on rainy days; since, physical distancing would be too difficult in the cafeteria.
          6. Teachers will individually dismiss each student, one-by-one, to their next class, from seventh period class, and at the end of the day. Seventh period teachers will be given walkie-talkies.
          7. There are three different lunch periods per day; two students maximum to a table on each end.
          8. One student at each desk or table to maintain six feet of distance in the classroom.
          9. Students at high risk, due to health issues, can continue to access classes via Zoom. They will also be provided this option if someone in their home is at high risk.
          10. Contact tracing: parents will be informed if someone is being tested or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 who was in close contact with their child.
            Contacts will be tracked on a Google sheet.  Individual student identities will be protected to comply with federal law.
          11. Sick days for COVID-19-related illness may be added for both students and teachers. Students/staff with a fever need to be free of that fever for 72-hours before returning to school
            individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 cannot return to school for 10 days (14-calendar days) following diagnosis.
          12. New COVID-19 rules will be discussed on the first day of school during three assemblies in the auditorium (with social distancing in place).
          13. Students who violate protocols will receive the following warnings/consequences:
            1. First Offense: verbal warning and “following school rules” points removed.
            2. Second Offense: student moved to the back of the class, away from other students. A note will be sent home to parents.
            3. Third Offense: removed from class. Students will sit outside of the classroom at their desks. A note will be sent home to parents.
            4. Continued Offense: A required parent conference and RBT will be necessary to continue at New Horizons Academy
          14. No stuffed animals and/or plushy materials allowed.
          15. Each student has his/her own supply box in each classroom that he/she will utilize and keep in class.
          16. Aides will help teachers monitor the hallways during passing periods.
          17. Bathroom breaks during class only, one student at a time. Students will go to the closest bathroom, off room 13, (Mrs. Gannon’s old room).
          18. Room adjacent to the sickbay will be designated the “COVID-19 Room”. Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, will be escorted there.
          19. These plans will be examined and revised as recommendations are updated from the Southern Nevada Health District, Nevada Department of Health

                   and Human Services, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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