New Horizons Academy Procedures to Lower the Risk of COVID-19 Contamination

When it comes to COVID-19, knowledge is power! New Horizons is excited to share we are a trained site for Abbot BiNaxNOW Testing. New Horizons staff and students can get tested on campus, with results delivered in 15 minutes or less! Aside from testing, New Horizons Academy’s mitigation procedures include:
        1. All sick students and employees should stay home.
        2. Students will go directly to their first period classrooms upon arrival.
        3. Students and staff must be free of fever for 24 hours in order to return to campus.
        4. Teachers will individually dismiss each student, one-by-one, to their next class, from seventh period class, and at the end of the day. Seventh period teachers will be given walkie-talkies.
        5. There are three different lunch periods per day; two students maximum to a table on each end. Seats will be assigned. Students will maintain a six feet distance at lunch.
        6. One student at each desk or table to maintain six feet of distance in the classroom. In classrooms where this is not possible, barriers will be put in place between students.
        7. Students can continue to attend classes online. Students will be sent a Zoom meeting invitation by each teacher. Students are encouraged to attend class online rather than miss instruction for the day.
        8. Contact tracing: parents will be informed via email if someone is being tested or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 who was in close contact with their child.
        9. Individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 cannot return to school for 5 calendar days following diagnosis.
        10. Aides will help teachers monitor the hallways during passing periods.
        11. The room adjacent to the sickbay will be designated the “COVID-19 Room”. Individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, will be sent there to wait until they can be picked up.
        12. These plans will be examined and revised as recommendations are updated from the Southern Nevada Health District, Clark County Commission, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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