Daily Living Skills/Advanced Life Skills

Students study, test, and earn their food handler’s card in these all-encompassing classes. They learn daily living skills such as cooking, clearing, landscaping, washing clothes and dishes, and they head the farm-to-table program where the food they grow in the school garden is used in their healthy snack shack for smoothies. Students also man the snack shack developing their monetary transaction skills. The Advanced Life Skills class serves the food at lunchtime each day.


Ceramics: Students explore the world of pottery in this dynamic, hands-on class. Students learn the skills associated with various techniques in building hand-crafted artwork that will last a lifetime.

Drawing and Painting: Students sharpen their drawing skills and work with various media in the drawing and painting class. Students receive one-on-one lessons as they explore their creative interests through two-dimensional art.

Graphic Arts

Graphic Design: Students develop basic and advanced techniques in utilizing software, recognizing elements of design, and building a digital portfolio that will serve them if they decide to pursue a career in graphic design. Graphic Design students develop advertising for the school and they build the student yearbook.

Foreign Language

Conversational Spanish: Students explore the Spanish language and culture through predominantly verbal exchange. Students review modern culture and history in a way that fosters understanding and respect of those cultures throughout Latin America. Students also study Spanish origins and reflect on the influence of Spain in the 15th century.
new horizons academy rock band flying walrus


Beginning Guitar: Student learn the basic elements of reading music and simple hand techniques providing them with a sound foundation to move on to more advanced learning.

Advanced Guitar: Students build on their foundational skills and are able to perform advanced musical ensembles with their fellow students.

Rock Band: Students with a strong musical background can join the New Horizons Academy Flying Walrus, the school’s rock band. Students perform on the New Horizons and have displayed their talents at the Grant-A-Gift fundraiser Diamonds and Denims.

Vocal Ensemble: Students learn vocal technique and develop their vocal talents in this kinesthetic class.

Social Skills

Social Skills classes are offered both in our Upper School and Lower School classes. For 45 minutes each day, students learn skills like active listening, respectful and effective speaking, how to read body language, and how to effectively work with others for a common goal. Social Skills are practiced and supported by the faculty throughout the academic day.

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