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Elementary School


Students in New Horizons Academy are taught foundational concepts. Teachers teach to mastery; that is, if students do not understand a concept, the concept is re-taught until the child masters the concept. Lower School students receive instruction in basic Keyboarding, Reading, Math, Writing, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

Middle School & High School

(GRADES 6-12)

The goal of New Horizons Academy is to prepare students for life after they leave the school environment. Whether it is moving on to a four-year college, a two-year college, a trade school, or into the realm of employment, New Horizons endeavors to fully prepare students for the outside world.

There are essentially two tracks for high school students at NHA:

  • The Modified track is for students who need the curriculum changed or modified in order to ensure their academic success.
  • The second track is the Standard track. This track follows Nevada state diploma standards. 

Each high school track adheres to the required curriculum of credits for graduation.

Students can also take advantage of art, design, music, rock band, personal fitness, and PE.

Music Program

Beginning Guitar: Students learn the basic elements of reading music and simple hand techniques, providing them with a sound foundation to move on to more advanced learning.

Advanced Guitar: Students build on their foundational skills and are able to perform advanced musical ensembles with their fellow students.

Rock Band: Students with a strong musical background can join the New Horizons Academy Flying Walrus, the school’s rock band.  Students perform in our school auditorium and have displayed their talents at the Grant-A-Gift fundraiser Diamonds and Denims.

Vocal Ensemble: Students learn vocal techniques and develop their vocal talents in this kinesthetic class.

Art Program

The Visual Arts program at New Horizons Academy believes in and builds on the personal and educational needs of every student. Creativity in all its forms is not only a leisure activity but a means of individuation for students and a way to develop unique skills they can continue to apply throughout their lives. Here at New Horizons, we support traditional mediums such as illustration, painting, and sculpture, as well as digital media, with an emphasis on photo editing and graphic design. Students are encouraged to find their creative passions and embrace the unique perspectives they have on our world. Every student at New Horizons has valuable insights we can all benefit from seeing. 

Our mission is to facilitate our students by looking inward and sharing what they learn.

Design Program

Students develop basic and advanced techniques in graphic design, utilizing software, recognizing elements of design, and building a digital portfolio that will serve them moving forward with graphic design. Graphic design students develop advertising for the school and format the student yearbook.

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