We Are New Horizons Academy!

Founded in 1974, New Horizons Academy provides personalized education to children in grades K-12 with high functioning autism, ADHD, dyslexia, social anxieties as well as other learning differences and special needs.

The dedicated team of educational professionals at NHA is committed to developing and implementing programs that will assist students with strategies for learning, improving their self-confidence, and building their self-esteem. Students will have a balance of direct instruction combined with independent and group work. This will give them the opportunity to engage in the learning process in a way that will be successful for everyone.


Individualized Curriculum

Many of the students at New Horizons Academy struggle with typical teaching methods and require a more individual-based curriculum.

We offer our students a Customized Educational Plan (CEP). This plan will ensure that each student will be challenged and not frustrated and discouraged.

Students are able to work at their own rate while building self confidence with peers in a smaller environment.

Perfect Fit?

New Horizons Academy is different from other schools as we are committed to ensuring that our program is the right fit for your student. Since every child is different and there are no “one size fits all” educational programs, NHA utilizes a more specialized and individualized approach.

We encourage prospective families to tour our school to see for themselves if NHA is a perfect fit for their child. We also offer free 3-day in-class trial programs that allow parents and children to experience the NHA way!

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new horizons academy project based learning

Project-Based Learning

New Horizons Academy incorporates many opportunities for project based learning. Students work in small groups to independently create projects that they can then display or present during our special assemblies.


New Horizons Academy utilizes a number of specialized learning tools and teaching methods into its overall learning plan.

Each student at NHA is issued a Chromebook to use throughout the day. Many lessons and tests are performed on the Chromebooks which utilize the technology in which most students understand.


Kindergarten – 12

Students are taught foundational concepts in lower school (K-5) and teachers teach to mastery. If students do not understand a concept, they are re-taught until the student masters the concept.

In upper school (6-12), our goal is to prepare students for life after they leave the school environment. Whether it is moving on to a four-year college or into the realm of employment, NHA endeavors to fully prepare students for the outside world.

New Horizons Academy is a fully accredited school through AdvancED Accreditation Commission.


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